Sanitation Cell (Biomedical Waste Management)

Brief details of the programme with organizational details

Sanitation Cell of the department is dealing with the preventive aspect of public health, regular efforts are being made to ensure positive environmental health in the interest of general public, the Sanitation Cell conducts strict supervision, close monitoring to upkeep the environment health. The sensitization and awareness against the adverse effects to improper solid waste management and Bio Medical Waste management is the routine feature of the Cell. The checking of hotels, eating establishments’ meat shops, cinema halls, video parlors, and saloons are the routine feature of the Cell. The certification for the issue of new FSSAI License is made mandatory for the hotels, eating establishments, meats shops by the Sanitation Cell.

Bio-Medical Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 1998 and amended rules 2016 and Amendment 2010, 2018 & 2019 which was implemented in the State of Sikkim in the year 2000. Since then the programme is managed by the Sanitation Cell. In this programme all the hospitals are equipped with the basic required machineries. After all implementation of the programme all the hospitals had adopted the safe disposal of the hospital waste in accordance with rules of BMW. The Sanitation Cell has imparted orientation training for health personnel working in the different health institutions. The TOT cum orientation Training Programme on Bio-medical Waste Management has been imparted to the Medical Officers. In charge of all the PHC Level and also to medical Officers working in District Hospitals.


Budget Head/ Activity Budget Alloted Spent till 31st March  2021 Unspent Balance


HSD for running 5 nos. of Incinerators 22 lakhs 22 lakhs nil


Purchase of 3000kgs of non- chlorinated plastic bags for management of BMW waste in the hospital and colour coded twin bucket 20 lakhs 20 lakhs nil



  1. Sanitation cell has inspected approximately 250 hotels and eating Establishments and recommended for issue of FSSAI License and Registration for the year 2020-2021.
  2. Sanitation Cell has inspected hotels, restaurants, fast food etc., located all over the State.
  3. Sanitation Cell has also inspected the slaughter house at Rangpo, Majhitar and reported to animal husbandry department for rectification of sanitation and hygienic condition.
  4. The Cell is also involved for implementation of Clinical Establishment Act, 2010 & Rules 2012 in the State of Sikkim and also monitor BMW Status in the private Clinics lab etc. for Registration & Regulation of Clinical Establishment Act & Rules
  5. Annual report of BMW for the year 2020 collected from all the health institution and submitted to State Pollution Control Board.
  6. Procured 3000 kg non- chlorinated plastic bags and color coded twin buckets.
  7. TOT training organized for all the medical Officers and other staffs of hospitals in all the districts and State Hospital.
  8. Brief report on action taken by the health and family welfare department on covid-19 bio-medical waste management w.e.f march 2020. In view of the guidelines issued by the Central Pollution Control Board, Govt. of India for effective management of waste generated during testing and treatment of COVID-19 patients, wastes generated during sanitization works and wastes generated from quarantine/isolation facilities, the Department carried out various works to implement the guidelines for securing environment friendly disposal of such wastes. Following steps were taken by the Sanitation Cell of the Department:
  9. Training were provided by the Department for segregation, collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of COVID-19 BMW to all ULBs including officials and staff of Gangtok Municipal Corporations, frontline workers, quarantine/isolation centres, all Health Care Facilities etc.
  10. In addition, various consumable items such as bio-degradable color coded (non-chlorinated) plastic bags, hypo-chloride solutions (disinfectants)/sanitizers, PPEs including masks were distributed to all frontline workers of the Health Department along with the staff manning the quarantine/isolation facilities.
  11. In order to dispose of contaminated COVID-19 bio-medical wastes, around 20 nos. of deep burial pits with proper fencing and roofing were constructed with due permission from the State Pollution Control Board-Sikkim in all districts particularly in rural areas. The said facilities were handed over to local authorities.
  12. In incinerators installed at all District Hospitals and New STNM Hospital were repaired and made fully functional to ensure proper disposal of BMW in compliance with the Statutory requirements.
  13. As New STNM was designated as the COVID hospital and considering the manifold increase in the quantum of bio-medical wastes, the hospital was also provided with new autoclave having 450Lts capacity.
  14. Due to steep rise in COVID-19 wastes and frequent issues related to functioning of the incinerator, the Department also explored the possibility of constructing a deep burial pit as stand-by facility in the event of breakdown of overburdened incinerator at the new STNM Hospital. In this regard, the Department in coordination with all the line Departments, SPCB, ULBs also visited the NHPC Stage-V, Balutar to find out the unused land under the said project at Singbel, Makha, East Sikkim for construction of the Deep Burial pit. As the site was found suitable and said company agreed to hand over the site for the said purpose but due to objection from the public the proposal was cancelled later on.
  15. As the recent rise in the COVID-19 cases in the state has led to increase in the COVID care centers across the State including paid isolation centres, the officials of the Sanitation cell is continuously visiting all these locations to ensure proper management of the COVID-19 wastes.


Budget Head Activity/ Target Budget Proposed for 2021-22


1.HSD for running 5 nos. of Incinerator

2.Retrosfitting/ Repairing of 3 nos. of Incinerator

3.BMW Burial pit at various Heath Care Facilities

Rs. 1.22 Crore



1. Non-chlorinated Plastic bags

2. Colour Coded Twin Bucket

3. Consent Fees and other consumbles

Rs. 25 lakhs

Funding under NESIDS

New Incinerator installation at STNM Hospital & district Hospital Gyalshing Rs. 3.769 crore
Horizontal autoclave 450 litre BMW – 5 nos. for District Hospital & State Hospital Rs. 46.75 lakhs inclusive 18% GST
Shredder (15-20 kg) at District Hospital Singtam Rs. 5 lakhs inclusive 18% GST


Manpower under Sanitation Cell/ Clinical Establishment Cell, Annexure Building, H & FW Department, Convoy Ground, Tadong is headed by Addl. Director. He is supported by JD, Deputy Director(s), SI and DEO.

Sl no. Designation Sanctioned Strength In Position  Remarks
1 Additional Director(S) 1 1
2. Joint Director 1 1
3. Deputy Director 1 3
4. Sanitary Inspector 1 1
4. DEO 1 1