Rastra Swasthya Bima Yozana


Background and its present status

RSBY is a flagship programme of Government of India. It was being implemented by Ministry of Labour Employment under unorganized workers Social Security Act- Since 2008

RSBY comes under National Health Assurance Mission (NHAM) wherein, it aims at health insurance coverage for total BPL families and other unorganized workers. The unorganized workers means those employed under schemes like MGNEGRA and BOCW, Taxi Drivers, Domestic workers, Sanitation workers, Rickshaw pullers etc.

In this programme, all member of BPL families and all members of unorganized sector workers are indentified and registered and accordingly a RSBY card duly linked to their ASHA card is issued to beneficiaries. This card facilitates accessibility to cashless free quality medical care in terms of hospitalization, free medicines, free diagnosis, preventive and promotive care @ 30,000/family/yr and an additional 30,000/senior citizen/yr. The premiums to be given to insurance companies are borne by Centre and State Govt. @ 90%:10% annually.

RSBY programme is being implemented by majority of states covering more than 3.41 crores families since its inception under the Ministry of Labour & Employment GOI. Very few states are in preparatory phase including Sikkim. Despite its best effort that Dept of Labour, GOS has put in over years it could not initiate the same due to numerous preconditions, limits and submits put forward by various State holder which always remained due to be implemented by Nodal Department till date.

Finally, recently Department of labor & Employee, Govt. of Sikkim has handed over the responsibilities of implementation of RSBY to Department of Health Care, Human Services & Family Welfare in State WEF 01.04.15.

Though Department of Health Care, Human Services and Family Welfare is new to this programme as it was initially under the control of Labour Department has now decided to gear up with implementation of RSBY starting with high level meeting between Labour Department and Health Department and also putting up the proposal to Government of Sikkim for approval and transfer of scheme & fund available with labour Department. Having done that State will go for floating fresh tender through local and national news paper from authorized insurance companies. Mean while it is also planned to pursue with central Govt. for requisite HR training and technical assistance from State Govt. respectively. Right now State of Sikkim is at nascent stage regarding RSBY, State has to first decide on number of BPL beneficiaries given by DESME of State as actual figure before we work out on other parameters.