National Tobacco Control Programme



Every 6.5 seconds someone dies from tobacco use, says World Health Organization. EVERY YEAR Tobacco kills 5.4 million people in the world which may go upto 10 million by 2025. More than 80% of these deaths occur in the developing countries. Tobacco smoke is major cause of illness disability and premature death globally. It kills more people than AIDS, Alcohol, Other addictions and accidents annually. In India alone 8-10 Lakhs people die due to tobacco related diseases which can be prevented. (Almost 30% of cancers in India are related to tobacco use). Prevalence of Tobacco use in Sikkim was 18.7% in female and 61.8% in male (National Family Health Survey II).

Cigarette and Other Tobacco Product Act, 2003 has been fully extended in the State of Sikkim,State achieved the Status of Smoke Free State in the year 2010. Department of HC, HS& FW, Government of Sikkim is the Nodal Department implementing the Act. The State Tobacco Control Cell is located in Annexure Building, HC, HS& FW Department ,Convoy Ground Tadong. Similarly three districts tobacco cells have been established and functional in District Hospital Singtam (East) Namchi (South) &Gyalshing (West). Tobacco Cessation Centre in STNM Hospital, District Hospital Singtamand Namchihas been established and operational.State Tobacco Control Cell is headed by Additional Director cum SNO, NTCP and supported by the officials of the Sanitation cell of the department. District Nodal Officers under NTCP in the three districts has also been identified . However, North District were not included under NTCP programme, However activities related to NTCP were guided and supported from State Tobacco Control Cell, Head Quarter , Convoy Ground, Tadong, Gangtok .

Goals and Objectives:

The goal of Sikkim tobacco control programme is “Tobacco Free Sikkim”.

The objectives of tobacco control programme are as under:

To build up capacity of the State/Districts to effectively implement the tobacco control initiatives;

To train the health care workers, social workers, police personnel, school teachers and panchayats.

To strengthen the regulatory mechanism to monitor/ implement the tobacco control laws.

To protect minors and youths from tobacco menace.

Provide facilities for treatment of dependence.

To conduct adult tobacco survey/youth survey for surveillance.

To coordinate with various public and private sector for effective implementation of tobacco free laws.

Following activities were carried out during the financial year 2015-16:

Monitoring/Raids in various public places to ensure smoke free status of the state.

Sensitization/Awareness programmes for nodal teachers & Discipline Captains from selected Schools at the District and State Level by DTCC and STCC.

Printing of booklet “National tobacco control programme – a guide for teachers”, Challans, No Smoking Signages, IEC materials.

Sensitization/Awareness programmes for Local taxi drivers association , newly recruited police personnels at State and District Level,

Training of Stakeholders at Singtam.

Sl. No.ActivitiesApproved BudgetExpenditureBalance
3Monitoring / Raids-68,400/-
4School Programme-1,10,000/-
 TOTAL-Rs.11,19,541/-Rs. 580459/-
Sl. No.ActivitiesApproved BudgetExpenditureBalance as on 31 st March 2016
1Training Rs. 5.0 + RS. 30329 (Opening Balance) 1,68,125/--
3Monitoring- 73750/--
4Miscellaneous Expenses - 8600/--
5School Programme - 80000/--
6Refund to NPCDCS -10,000/--
TOTAL EXPENDITURE -Rs. 5,20,475/-Rs. 9454/-
 Interest earnedRs. 4130/-
Balance as on 31 st March 2016Rs. 13984
Sl. No.ActivitiesApproved BudgetExpenditureBalance
Rs. 4.0 Lacs
1Training Rs. 1,50,000/-Rs. 1,50,000/-Nil
2IECRs.1,00,000/- +
Rs. 50,000/- (Opening balance )
Rs. 1,50,000/-Nil
3School ProgrammeRs. 1,00,000/-Rs. 96,000/-Rs. 4,000/-
4Flexible Pool (Monitoring , Meetings, Printing of challan and Receipt book)Rs. 50,000/- +
Rs. 12,649 /-(Opening Balance)
Rs. 39,608/-Rs. 39,608/-
  TOTAL Rs. 4.0 Lacs Approved Budget &Rs. 62,649 Opening BalanceRs, 4,35,608/-Rs. 27,041/-
Sl. No.ActivitiesApproved BudgetExpenditureBalance
5.0 Lacs-
1Training -RS. 1.79.230/-
2IEC- RS. 98,325/-
3School Programme - RS. 96,000/-
4Monitoring-Rs. 1,24,050/-
 TOTAL5.0 LacsRs. 4,97,605/-Rs. 2,395/-
Sl. No.ActivitiesApproved BudgetExpenditureBalance
1Training - RS. 1,06,210/--
2IEC- RS. 53,725/-
3Awareness & School Programme -RS. 98, 000/-
 TOTAL3.0 LacsRs. 2,57,935/-Rs. 42,865/-