Mental Health Programme



The importance of mental health and mental wellbeing of every individual and the lack of awareness and stigma related to mental disorder, Government of India launched the District Mental Health Programme (DMHP) during the Ninth Five Year in phased manner starting with 27 districts in the Country which increased with covering all districts by 11th Five Year Plan. In Sikkim mental health programme was implemented from the year 2002 covering only one district i.e. East Sikkim. Now it has been extended to cover all four districts of the state.


The main objectives of DMHP is to provide community mental health services and integration of mental health with general health services through decentralization of treatment from specialized mental hospital based care to Primary health care services.

To provide sustainable basic mental health care services in the community by integrating mental health into the existing general health care services in primary care settings.

Early identification and treatment of persons with mental disorders in the community by active case identification by health workers, conducting periodic mental health camps in each taluk/tehsil of the district.

To launch intensive education for the community about availability of treatment for mental disorders, universal nature of mental illness and regarding the need for regular follow up in the primary health centre. These efforts should bring in large number of persons with mental disorders into care and consequent reduction in stigma and discrimination.

To facilitate adequate psychosocial care of the recovered mentally ill in the community by making appropriate linkages with NGOs in the local area.

To initiate mental health promotion activities through schools, colleges.

District Mental Health Programme, it is meant not only a rural district but also a unit of urban metropolis.

Under District Mental Health Programme during the financial year 2015-16 many activities were carried out at all four districts and as well as at state level

Suicide/ Crisis Helpline 24X 7 helpline servicesNo, 03592-202111 & Toll Free helpline Tel. No. 18003453225, was established at Psychiatry Department of STNM Hospital on April 2015.

Depression Specialty Clinic started at OPD Block of STNM Hospital. It is open every Tuesday and Thursday between 1pm and 4 pm.

De-Addiction Beds earmarked for patients with alcohol and substance abuse problem at Psychiatry Ward of STNM Hospital

Pledge Campaign launched byHon’ble Health Minister ShriArjun Kumar Ghatani.

93 Pledge Campaigns have been carried out till December 2015.

Establishment of State Level Drug De- addiction Center at Chuwa Tar, Singtam has been initiated by the Department.


The details of the training conducted for different personnel are as follows:

  • Under School Mental Health Programme, 93 schools have conducted “Winning ways to Well Being Programme”.
  • Re-orientation of SATTHI (Chief Minister Youth Empowerment Program for eliminating alcohol/ substance abuse) Peer educators of Deorali&Tadong Schools.
  • Observation of International Day against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking was observed in the Districts as well as Gangtok by conducting rally with participation from various schools and college students, business community, recovering addicts, NGOs, Government Officials etc.,
  • Skit play by students on Mental Health and Drug related issues at MG Marg on the eve of International Day against Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking
  • Football Match between De-addiction Centers was organized at Gangtok, to encourage the youths to involve in healthy habits.
  • Singtam observed Anti Drug Day in the presence of the Area MLA, ShriSomnathPoudyal with a rally followed by Skit play, Drama and short speech on substance abuse
  • World Suicide Prevention Day was observed on 10/9/2015 by organizing Rally, cultural event and talk on Mental Health & Suicide Prevention at MG Marg.
  • “East District Suicide Prevention Awareness Month” was carried out by 47 Primary Health Sub-Centresw.e.f. 11 Sept to 09 Oct 2015.
  • World Mental Health Day was observed on 10/10/2015 throughout the state with various activities.
  • Audio Spots and jingles on prevention of suicide and mental health related issues, prepared by the NCD Division in consultation with IEC Bureau, was aired in AIR, Doordarshan, targeting the schools students during the period of board exam result declaration.
  • Different entertainment programmes organized by NGOs were also utilized to generate messages on suicide prevention.
  • Flipcharts on suicide prevention and mental health has been prepared and is being distributed to all districts and peripheries as job aids for the health workers.
  • Posters, pamphlets, handbills, banners etc. were also distributed for awareness generation.
  • Advertisement on suicide prevention was printed in local papers as well as magazines.
  • 462 Outreach Community Mental Health Campaign was conducted throughout the State.
  • 123 Women’s Mental Health Campaign was conducted by District Hospital Singtam.
  • Mothers Sensitization on Child Personality Development was conducted by District Hospital Singtam.
  • Sensitization of PRI is being done in Districts.
  • Sensitization workshop for the legal services in collaboration with the Sikkim State legal Services authority.
  • Two Days Workshop on Psycho-social inquiry into suicide was organized for the Sikkim University students, teachers and PHC doctors in collaboration with Deptt. Of Sociology, Sikkim University.
  • Sensitization of Journalists on Media Guidelines on Reporting Suicide was done.
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