Issue of License

I. Procedure for obtaining drugs license.

Retail: Retail licenses are given in two categories i.e., (i) C & C I, (ii) other than C & U 1 is for biological Product like hormonal preparations, vaccines, etc and all the other remaining products comes under other than C & C 1.

Wholesale: Same as retail.

II. Criteria for license.

Applicant applying for retail license shall preferably be registered Pharmacist or he should have in employment a registered Pharmacist who acts as the sale supervisor of the retail trade. However, for wholesale license, one need not be a registered pharmacist. An experienced certificate of at least our years of experience in dealing with drugs shall suffice.

The premises where the retail or wholesale trade is to be done should be registered with the Land Revenue Department done through the respective District Collectors.

The premises should be at least 10 sq meter in dimension and shall he provided with racks for storage & other arrangements whatever applicable.

III. How to apply

An application in form 19 of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules 1945 should be made f or both retail and wholesale license. The form is available in the Drugs and cosmetics Cell of the Health Department

IV. Whom to apply.

Application requesting for grant of drugs license should be made to the Drugs Controller / Licensing Authority, Drugs and Cosmetics Cell, Health and Family Welfare Department.

V. Documents required.

  • Firm registration
  • Certificate of registered pharmacist
  • NOC of House Owner, if rented or House Deed, if owned
  • Layout plan of the location of the premises.

VI. License Fees.

License fee for each license in form 20, 20-B 21, 21-B is Rs.1500/- (Rupees one thousand five hundred) only. The license once issued or renewed is valid for a period of five years.

The revenue head of account is 0210-01-020-800-other receipt.


Under the Prevention of Food Adulteration (PFA) Act, 1954 and Rules 1955 enforced in Sikkim w.e.f 1979, it is mandatory for all retailers and wholesalers of Food, Vegetables, petal, beverages, meat, fish, poultry and owners Hotels and Restaurants to have a License from the Health & Family
Welfare Department duly issued by a competent authority.

How to apply for the License? Application must be submitted in the prescribed form which can be obtained from the PFA Cell of the Department at a cost of Rs.5 to be deposited in the Head of A/C 0210-104-01.

Along with the application form duly filled in,the following documents are required.

  • Sikkim Subject Certificate or Certificate of Identification duly attached by DC/ADC of the concerned District.
  • Two recent passport size photo.
  • No objection from House owner where the shop is proposed to be set up
  • Recommendation from the concerned Area M.L.A.
  • Sanitation Inspection Report.South/West/North/East (Health Dept)

Incase of meat shop, no objection from the Animal Husbandry Department,Government of Sikkim.