Integrated Disease Surveillance Program


At national level Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) was launched by Hon’ble Union Minister of Health & Family Welfare in November 2004. It is a decentralized, State based Surveillance Program in the country. It is intended to detect early warning signals of impending outbreaks and help initiate an effective response in a timely manner.

Major components of the programme are:

(1) Integrating and decentralization of surveillance activities;

(2) Strengthening of public health laboratories;

(3) Human Resource Development – Training of health care workers involved

(4) Use of Information Technology.

In Sikkim, Integrated Disease Surveillance Project was launched in Ph III (2006-07) on 1st April 2006.

Currently surveillance is working on three aspects of diseases surveillance.




Syndromic – Diagnosis made on the basis clinical pattern by paramedical personnel and members of community. This include fever, fever with rashes, fever with bleeding, diarrhea without dehydration, diarrhea with so much dehydration, diarrhea with blood, cough less than 3 weeks and more than 3 weeks, fever with daze or semi/unconsciousness.

Presumptive – Diagnosis is made on typical history and clinical examination by medical officers. This includes Acute Diarrheal diseases, Acute Respiratory Diseases, Measles, Chicken Pox, Dengue, Bacillary Diarrhea, Viral Hepatitis, Enteric fever, Malaria, Chikungunya fever, Acute Encephalitis syndrome, meningitis, diphtheria, pertusis, pneumonia, Fever of unknown disease, acute paralysis, leptospirosis, dog-bite, snake bite, diabetes, Hypertension, cardio vascular diseases, and motor vehicle accidents.

Confirmed – Clinical diagnosis by medical officer and or positive laboratory identification. This includes typhoid fever, dengue, hepatitis, malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, shigella dysentery, diphtheria, chikungunya, meningococcal meningitis, leptospirosis and others.

Apart from these diseases, in 2010 IDSP included some of the non- communicable diseases/syndrome for its surveillance. They were diabetes, hypertension, cardio vascular diseases, and motor vehicle accidents.

In May 2012 Rabies Surveillance was started and on 2013 Vaccine Preventable Disease (VPD) Surveillance and Unnatural deaths surveillance was initiated.



Manpower of IDSP, Sikkim

DesignationSSUDSUMedical CollageTotalNature of PostStatus
Training Consultant1000RegularInactive
Financial Consultant1001ContractualActive
Data Manger1405ContractualActive
Data entry operator1416ContractualActive
Lab Technician1001ContractualActive

Human Resource Development – To provide better technical expertise to system GOI has provided contractual staffs (Epidemiologist, Entomologist, Financial consultants, Microbiologists, Data manager, Data Entry operators and others). One lab technician was appointed in the year 2015-2016. Presently a total of 22 staffs are working in IDSP in which 16 staffs are on Contractual Basis There is also a provision of capacity building for all human resource available in the State through routine training of health care workers involved in IDSP. For this purpose GOI provides a separate fund.

Use of Information Technology – All DSUs and SSU is well allied with Telephone, Fax Machines, Computers with Internet, EDUSAT & VSAT application facilities. Routine data is entered through the web based IDSP-portal (, VSAT has been installed in three Districts (except North District), State and Medical College Manipal, Hospital.

At present EDUSAT & VSAT facilities has been disrupted from the CSU due to no signal across the country.


Sl.NoState/DistrictEDU SAT / VSATBroadband
1State Surveillance UnitInstalled***Working
2Medical Collage ManipalUn Installed due to shifting of room.Not Installed
3EastInstallation incompleteWorking
4West Installed ***Not Working
5NorthNot installed due to lack of equipments.Not Working
6South Installed ***Working

*** EDUSAT & VSAT facilities have been disrupted from the CSU due to no signal across the country.

Note:-Inter- state wise VC session is done with CSU Delhi every Friday at 2.00pm – 4.30pm.

Capacity building (Workshops and training)

Sl NOTraineesYear of TrainingTotal Trained   

Committee and surveillance

State Surveillance Unit and District Surveillance Unit were established in year 2006. In all four Districts and State RRT (Rapid Response Team) for outbreak investigation and control are in function. These RRTs were framed in year 2007-08. State and district Influenza epidemic preparedness and response committees formed in Jan 2009.The framed State & District RRT has been revised on 2012-13. Also to tackle EBOLA & other Influenza like Illness (Swine Flu) hospital management committee has been formed consisting of dedicated staffs’ at STNM Hospital and CRH Tadong.


Physical Achievements.

One Lab Technician appointed for District Priority Lab. Microbiology Lab STNM Hospital.

Annual IDSP Review Meeting conducted

On 24th & 25th April 2015.SSO (IDSP) and Microbiologist attended workshop at NEC, Shillong regarding Swine flu and other Emerging Disease.

On 30th April 2015.Awareness regarding seasonal influenza A(H1N1) for Nodal Officer with collaboration with NIDDCP at STNM Hospital.

On 14th -16th May State Microbiologist attended National Review and IHR workshop at Telangana South India.

Entomological survey conducted at Hot-belt areas of the State regarding Japanese Encephalitis and other Vector borne Disease.

On 30th Jan 2016 Dispatched 50 vials of H1N1 Vaccine at UIP STNM Hospital.

On 5th Feb 2016 meeting on ZIKA Virus Transmission at chamber of DGHS cum Secretary (Health).

On 21st March 2016. SSO IDSP and staffs of SSU & DSU attended workshop on suicidal case reporting at Police Conference Hall organized by Mental Health wing HC, HS & FW Department in collaboration with SCRB police Department.



Financial Status for the year 2015-16 (Till March 2016) Under IDSP        
YearApproved OutlayOpening BalanceFund ReceivedTotal Fund Available column (3+6)ExpenditureUnspent Balance
   CentralStateTotal Col(4+5)   



OutbreaksSource of data for identification of these outbreaksOutbreaks investigated by State / District RRTRemarks
Measles Outbreak at Zongu
Under Passingdong PHC on April 2015
Reported by DSO (N)Investigation done by District RRT, SIO and member from WHO.Controlled in time
Food poisoning/AGE on 13 th Sept. 2015Reported by MO/IC Soreng PHC West Sikkim,Investigation done by District/State IDSP team and NVBDCP staffs.Controlled in time
Measles Outbreak at Mamring under Machong PHC East District on 17 th Nov 2015.Reported by MO/IC Machong PHCInvestigation done by District RRTControlled in time


One Day Orientation cum Training for Urban Asha’s and AWW’s on 31st March 2016.

One Day Orientation cum Training for ANM’s and GNM’s on 31st March 2016.

Review Meeting 2015-16.

Preparedness meeting on ZIKA Virus