Food Safety and Standards Act Cell


The Government of India had enacted the Food safety & Standards Act 2006 on 23dr August 2006 to regulate the Food Industry and address multiplicity of Food Laws in the Country. The Food safety & Standards Cell is an enforcement cell for implementation of Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006, established under the Health Care, Human Services & Family Welfare Department, Government of Sikkim. The main objective of the new Food Safety & Standards Act through the mechanism of Food Safety Management System based on HACCP, GMP and GHP. The overall activity of FSS Act is looked by Food Safety & Standards Authority of India commonly referred as FSSAI based in New Delhi. The Chairperson heads the FSSAI and CEO is its Legal representative and is responsible for overall administration of FSS Act in the country.


To conduct inspection of the Food Business Operators in the State

To issue License, Registrations and Certificates to the Food Business operators.

Staffing Pattern:-

The Secretary cum D.G. of Health Care Human Services & Family Welfare Department is the Commissioner of Food Safety for the State.

Director Health Services Assists Commissioner Food Safety in the activities of FSSA Cell.

2 no. Designated Officers look after North East & South West District respectively.

1 LDC cum Record Keeper

2 nos Grade IV staff.


The FSSA cell as of today has progressed to online Food Licensing and Registration System which was launched in the State from May 2015, for submitting all their forms online at The Food Safety Cell is uploading all the manually issued licence to online system in a phased manner as and when the validity of the licence expires. The 179 applicants have availed of this online Food Licensing and Registration System previous year.


The FSSA Cell is completely funded by the State and hasn’t received any funds from the Central government since the launch of Food Safety & Standards Act, 2006.