Drug Cell

Photograph showing receiving of Certification from Drugs Controller General of India (N. Delhi) under trianing of capacity Building project sponsored by the ministry of H & F. W. (Govt. of India) founded by World Bank along with course Director of training Dr. Saronjit singh in center . The training was held at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education Research, MOHALI, CHANDIGARH, PUNJAB.


The Drugs Cell of the State was created in the year 1986 with the extension and enforcement of Drugs and Cosmetics Act,1940 and Rules,1945. Its job is to implement the provisions of the said Act and Rules as amended from time to time. The main function is to grant and renew license for retail and wholesale trade of medicines including Homeopathic medicines and to grant and renew licenses for manufacturing of drugs and cosmetics, to check the standard of medicines by taking random samples from the manufacturing premises, markets and sending them for analysis to the notified drugs testing laboratories, to initiate action against spurious, adulterated, misbranded and not of standard quality drugs etc.

The postal address of the cell is:-

Drugs and Cosmetics Cell,

Department of Health & Family Welfare,

Tashiling, Gangtok.

Administrative setup.

Dr.S.C.Pradhan Principle Director, Health as Ex-officer Drugs Controller 220295 (dir.)
226238 Ext.405
Dr. T. K. Rai Deputy Drugs Controller and Licensing Authority. 226238 Ext.425
Dr. C. N. Sharma Senior Drugs Inspector 226238 Ext.439

Form 19-Application form for retail and wholesale license (Appended). Information for General Public Anyone interested to start a trade in retail or wholesale sale of medicines, the following documents are necessary.

1. Copy of firm Registration issued by the District Collectorate of the respective district.

2. Copy of the Registration of Pharmacist, as the sale should be supervised by a Registered Pharmacist.

3. ‘No objection certificate’ from the owner of the premises, if rented. Copy of house deed” if owned.

4. Application in Form-19 duly filled up and signed by the applicant.

5. There are some formats in the Cell which needs to be completely filled up.

*In case of wholesale an drugs for at least 4 years shall suffice. However, minimum educational qualification of the applicant shall be matriculation or its equivalent.