Birth & Death Cell

Salient  features of the CRS in Sikkim,  Administrative set up of Civil  Registration functionaries at  different levels as  per section 4(1) and 7(I) of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969

SI.No.    State Level Distt. Level Peripheral Level Urban Area  Rural Area


Chief Registrar
of Births& Deaths
Principal Director,
District Registrar of B&D (CMO of the Dist. Hospital)


CMO of Distt.Hospital and MO I/c of the PHC


MO I/c Panchayat
workers of  Health
2. Addl. Chief Registrar of B&D (Addl. Director of Health Services)
3. Deputy Chief Registrar of B & D.
4. Asstt. Director of Births & Deaths.

Persons responsible to  report the  occurrence of   Births/Deaths and  limit  for such   reporting to the  Registrar of Births and Deaths as per section 8(2), 8(3)and 8(4) of the Sikkim Registration of Births  & Deaths Rules1999.

Place of occurrence
Vital events
Type of Information
of Reporters  
Time limit for reporting    for current registration   As per Sikkim Reg. of   Births & Deaths Rules 1999.
1. Domiciliary events Head of household and in his absence his nearest relative or oldest male adult person. Within 21 days from the date of occurrence of the event  (live birth, still birth & Death )
2. Institutional events ANMs -do-
3. Events in Jail Jailor in charge -do-
4. New born child or formal deserted in a public place Head of Village -do-
5. Events in moving vehicle in land air or water Person In-charge of the vehicle shall give or cause to be given the information 4/5 (1) of Sec.

8 at the first place of halt or first Reg. Centre.

6. In case of deaths (not Falling under clauses (a)    to (e) of Sub-sec. (i)of Sec(8) in which inquest is held. Officer who conducts the inquest. -do-

N.B. In case of Current Registration (1) no fee shall be charged and (II) an extract of the  registration  entries (Birth/Death Certificates shall be given to the informant free of charge in for No.5 or 6 prescribed under the Sikkim Registration of Births & Deaths Rules 1999.

Procedure for delayed Registration of Births & Deaths as per section of the Registration of Births & Deaths Act, 1969 read with Rule 9(1),9(2) & 9(3) of the Sikkim Registration of Births & Deaths Rules 1999.

Time limit for reporting Of delayed registration. Formalities needed To be observed for Delayed registration. Amount of delay fine to be paid after meeting up the formalities.
A. Information is given to The Registration of B&D after Expiry of the stipulated time i.e. 21 days from the date of occurrence of the event but within 30 days of the occurrence. No formalities


late fee of Rs. 2/-


B. Information is given to the Registration of B&D after 30 days but within the year of its occurrence. Written permission of the Registrar (B&D)


late fee of Rs.  5/-


C. Information is given to the Registrar of B&D after one year of its occurrence Written permission of the Executive Magistrate. SDM


late fee of Rs. 10/-