Sanitation Cell (Biomedical Waste Management)

SANITATION CELL (Biomedical Waste Management)

Sanitation Cell of the department is dealing with the preventive aspect of public health regular efforts are being made to ensure positive environmental health in the interest of public in general. The sanitation cell conducts strict supervision, close monitoring to upkeep the environment health. The sensitization and awareness against the adverse effects to improper solid waste management is the routine feature of the cell. The checking of hotels, eating establishments, meat shops, cinema halls, video parlors, and saloons are the routine feature of the cell. The certification for the issue of new FSSAI license is made mandatory for the hotels, eating establishments, meats shops by the sanitation cell.


Sanitation Cell has inspected approximately 400 Hotels and Eating Establishments and recommended for issue of FSSAI License and Registration for the year 2014-2015.

Sanitation Cell has inspected Cinema Hall, Video Parlor, saloons, etc located around, Gangtok in the year 2014.

Sanitation Cell has also inspected the slaughter house at Rangpo, Majhitar and reported to Animal Husbandry Deptt. for rectification of sanitation and hygienic condition.

The Cell is also involved for Implementation of Clinical Establishment Act, 2010 & Rules 2012 in the State of Sikkim and also monitor BMW Status in the private Clinics Lab etc. for (Registration & Regulation) of Clinical Establishment Act & Rules.

Sanitation Cell is also Involved for Implementation of Cigarette, Tobacco Control programme in the State of Sikkim.

Sanitation Cell is also involved in Swachh Sikkim Swastha Sikkim of Swacha Bharat Abhiyan in the year 2014-15.

Annual report of BMW collected from all the health institution and submitted to SPCB.

Bio-Medical Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 1998 & amended rules 2011 which was implemented in the State of Sikkim in the year 2000. Since then the programme is managed by the Sanitation Cell. In this Programme all the hospitals are equipped with the basic required machineries. After the implementation of the programme all the hospitals had adopted the safe disposal of the hospital waste in accordance with rules of BMW. The Sanitation Cell has imparted orientation training for health personnel working in the differenthealth institutions. The ToT cum Orientation Training Programme on Bio-Medical Waste Management has been imparted to the Medical Officers, In-Charge of all the PHC Level and also to Medical Offices working in District Hospitals in the year 2014-2015.


Sl.NoBudget Allotment
Expenditure Remarks if any
2Purchase of HSD & Other consumable for incinerator20 Lacsa) HSD- 15,60,000/-

b) Consumable for    BMW Mgmt- 4,07,000/-

c) Authorization – 33,000/-
Total , Rs.20,00,000/-

No separate Budget is allocated to the sanitation cell, salary and miscellaneous expenditure is met from Dir&Admn. The purchase of diesel for incinerator equipment and consumable for BMW is directly met from CHSO.


The cell has very limited manpower. The cell is being managed by Deputy Director (S) stationed at Headquarter, and 3 (three) Assistant Director (Sanitation) has been posted in the other District Hospital Singtam, District Hospitals Gyalshing and District Hospital Mangan. 1 (one) Sanitary Inspector was appointed and posted at District Hospital Namchi.

Sl.NoName of the postSanctioned strengthExisting in position
VacancyPlace of posting
1Deputy Director (S)21
2Assistant Director (S)633East, West, & North Sikkim
3Sanitary Inspector413Namchi, South Sikkim


Appointment of 3 (Three) vacant post of Sanitary Inspector for district hospital Mangan, Gyalshing and STNM HospitalGangtok.

Appointment ofData Entry Operator/LDCunder Sanitation Cell.

Effective Implementation and enforcement of BMW management rules in the State Hospital , District Hospital, PHC &PHSc Level .

To monitor overall cleanliness in all the Health Institution and also to facilitates the requirement items.

To organized orientation training on BMW Management for all the Health Personnels working under the Health Institutions.

To provide buffer stock consumables items.

To update the authorization letter from SPCB for operating Health Care Facility(HCF) and timely submission of annual report of BMW management.


Salary of 3 (three) nos. Sanitary Inspector – 30,000 x 3= 90,000/- Permonth. 90,000 x 12 = Rs.10,80,000/- Per Year.

Fund required for authorization fees for BMW

Management For 5 hospitals and 26 nos. of PHCs – Rs. 33,000/- per year.

for submission to SPCB

Salary of Data Entry Operator/LDC – Rs. 10,000 per month.

10000 x 12= Rs. 1, 20,000/-Per Year.

Required of consumables item like

color coded bucket, Bio-degradable

plastic bag and some equipment like – Rs. 5Lacs.

shredder, needle destroyer, etc. for

distribution to all the Health Institutions

Overall cleanliness and orientation – Rs.5 Lacs.

training on BMW

HSD for Incinerator – Rs.20 Lacs.

AMC for 5 Nos. incinerator microwave, shredder

alreadyinstalled in the different places in – Rs.5Lacs.

the State hospital.

Grand Total =Rs. 47,33,000 ( Rupees Forty SevenLacs and Thirty Three Thousand ) only/-